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few of the intresting projects we have worked in the past

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UVA logo image

The team behind Uva!, the food delivery app based in Puerto Rico, worked with us to revamp their app. We gave it a light and minimalist look that appealed to the senses while being user and time friendly. We integrated their color palette into the app creating embedded systems that brought ease of access for all users involved.

UVA User Interface
Bakery Surge Order Bakery Conceirage Bakery Panda Dunk
Bakery Conceirage

The creative team at Bakery wanted a webpage that showed anyone who landed on it that they are in the business of creating what people want. We built their webpage around animations and graphic visuals that displayed this sentiment.

Bakery Mobile Bakery Desktop
Sknock Splash Screen
Sknock UI

Sknock is Zohaib’s brainchild which would make things easier for people in this contactless world. His ideas revolved around creating ease for people in some of the small issues that they faced on a regular basis. It was up to us to make the idea as functional as possible with attractive and usable visuals

Terelyne dashboard design

ICI contacted us with a project that was no minor feat. They wanted to develop an app that helped them in their client relationships and showcase data that can be used by everyone involved in using the app. They wanted to create a platform where people could meet and gain information specific to their industry. This was a way for them to become relevant to today’s way of business and it was our job to bring them into the sphere of greater connectivity.

Terelyne dashboard Points
Terelyne dark mode
crescent bahuman animations
crescent bahuman tablet image
crescent bahuman mobile image
Crescent Bahuman

The team at Crescent Bahuman was looking for a 180 degree revamp of their website. They were looking for a fresh and chic look that would appeal to their leadership. To bring a creative touch and make them reachable we created a surrealist website, strengthened with animations and micro‑interactions.

crescent bahuman animations
Produce Desktop
Produce Products

A produce focused eCommerce store, delivering fresh food straight from farms. Build a simple product and complete the eCommerce cycle for customers to purchase products of their own choice, adding bi-weekly or weekly produce subscriptions brought to their doorstep..

Produce Tablet Produce Mobile Produce Popular