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Product Design

"Ideas are worth nothing; execution is worth everything."You might have heard this oft- uttered statement. Although it might hold a grain of truth it underestimates how powerful a dynamic idea can be for people. This is why we would like to propose an amendment to this statement: "It starts with an idea and moves forward with excellent execution."

We go to the drawing board trying to unpack the different facets of your concept. We meticulously plan, design and apply an MVP of the product so that early adopters in the market quickly attach to it and make it their MO or go to. Constantly curating and developing new features for your dynamic audience using real time user feedback is crucial to our process to achieve what your customer needs and you want.

product design

Team Augmentation

In-house teams although desired may be single-track minded. The financial and opportunity cost of hiring and training people, in the interim, is not only high but also slows down the natural momentum of your brain-child.

Our solution? Team-augmentation. Your responsibility? Just manage the extension team, tell them what to do. The rest? We’ll handle it all!

product design

Project Rescue

Nightmare in a nutshell: you have missed three deadlines, the freelancers you painstakingly hired only respond to your million messages once a week, and the project is spiraling out of your control. Sound somewhat familiar? It happens to the best of them.

No sweat! Our Solution? You just skip the paperwork and jump into the nitty gritty of the project before the next release. As things get under control, the rest is laid out to be discussed later at our mutual ease!

product design
  • Front-end web development

    Our team is in love with React, they are the leading technologies in emerging development markets. We are pushing our forces to learn and build extensive products in front-end development. React built by Facebook and Angular is by Google. Future languages are here, perhaps.

    Front End
  • Back-end web development

    Our engineers are well versed with Node & Python, MVVM architectures and non-relational database structure for effective rundown of products with load balancing. Handling servers built on-demand assists digital products with maximum efficiency and output with cost-effective platforms.

  • Mobile app development

    Our stack includes Swift for iOS, Java & Kotlin for Android, and React Native for both of them. React Native is particularly useful for building a quick MVP to validate your idea on both platforms. We choose the most appropriate platform for your unique business demands.

    Mobile App
  • Product Design & UI/UX

    With our design process, from understanding the user needs and analyizing the data required to create personas and competitive analysis, the formulation of UX drips down to our core. With up-to-date UI trends, using Google material design, IBM Carbon design systems and more, the integration is just seamless.


Our Tech Stack

  • Angular Js
  • Swift
  • React
  • React Native
  • Vue Js
  • Firebase
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • Python
  • Node Js