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We were approached by ICI, a chemical company with various verticals in other industries. They wanted an app that displayed data related to their work for clients to view and management to use. The app was going to help the company in managing their relations and trade information quickly and efficiently. This was no minor undertaking, creating such a complex highly customizable product that was to be compatible with iOS and Android.

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This was no minor undertaking, we were in-charge of creating a digital product that could assist with data visualisation that connected with their SAP and rendering data on the client side.

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We created a platform where not only was data stored but displayed in a readable form for their offices and clients all over the world to have access to and be able to use

Our developers had to populate the app with up to date data for real-time usage in a format that was user friendly. It was our duty to create accessibility for internal and external clients alike for this app. The VP of the company, gave us and the development the accolade of the best innovation idea of 2019

terelyne consumption pattern
terelyne consumption pattern
terelyne consumption pattern
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ICI contacted us with a project that was no minor feat. They wanted to develop an app that helped them in their client relationships and showcase data that can be used by everyone involved in using the app. They wanted to create a platform where people could meet and gain information specific to their industry. This was a way for them to become relevant to today’s way of business and it was our job to bring them into the sphere of greater connectivity